Employee Rewards

The iCARD Gift Card can serve as the perfect tool to encourage good work habits, consistent attendance and efforts above the call of duty. Reward your employees with a gift card to let them know that their outstanding service is greatly appreciated.

Performance Awards

Whether your business is based on team work or individual achievement, outstanding performance in any department is worth acknowledging. Performance awards can be given for reaching goals, helping on a project, volunteering expertise, acting as a resource, helping out when it was needed and everything in between.


Thank your employees when they hit major milestones such as 1, 5, 10 and 15 years of service. Long-time employees are an indispensable part of the inner workings of their department and are the strength and stability of your company – celebrate what they bring to your organization with an iCARD Gift Card .


If you are looking for something that lasts past the birthday cake and won't be re-gifted, the iCARD Gift Card is ideal. Perfect for corporate birthday programs, gift cards are easily managed with monthly sends based on the employee birthday lists you provide.