Sales Incentives

Your sales team is diligent and committed when it comes to their accounts and revenue goals; show them that you appreciate what they do with a sales incentive program. We can help you build the perfect incentive program that is mutually rewarding for your company and your sales force.

Rewards for Sales Goals

The sales cycle is a long process full of challenges and encouraging your sales force with an ongoing rewards program for monthly, quarterly and yearly goals can be critical in sustaining momentum.

Growth – the ability to bring in new business is a positive mark of an effective sales person, award them when new business acquisition milestones are met.

Account Management – loyal customers are the cornerstone of any company's yearly revenue, reward the sales people that meet critical sales goals and retain existing customers.

Quarterly and Annual Sales Goals – your standard sales goal programs can get a boost with the great offer of an iCARD Gift Card .

Team Building

Creative Sales Campaigns – bringing new and innovative ideas to the sales channel is worth recognizing, give teams distinction when they introduce ideas that uncover hidden revenue.

Regional Projects / Corporate Projects – teamwork is an integral part of your sales team structure and every accomplishment from projects completed successfully to simply working together effectively should be acknowledged.

Top Salesperson Awards

Every sales organization has those special sales people who shine every month, quarter and year. Perhaps they are awarded with a plaque or paperweight, why not add an iCARD Gift Card to that to let them know that the difference they make is truly exceptional.